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Miro's Guitar Nails

Before any treatment first wash the nails in warm soapy water.

To strengthen a weak nail
1. Use the 3-grade buffer to roughen the upper surface around the free-edge of the nail.
2. Cut a strip of china silk sized to cover the tip of the nail.
3. Remove the protective paper.
4. Press and mould the china-silk into the area you want to strengthen.
5. Apply a small drop of resin-glue to the china-silk. [WARNING: resin-glue contains cyanoacrylte. It is an eye irritant and bonds skin in seconds - keep away from children].
6. Smooth it around with the plastic spreader until the silk is saturated. Let it dry and then buff lightly.
7. When the resin has set hard, trim the silk 'overhang' from the sides and edges of the nail using the form-file, or a glass file, in a downwards direction. Finish by using the buffer gently to obtain a smooth, polished and natural look.
8. If necessary re-apply the resin-glue to cover the entire silk, working-in very small amounts at a time. Apply more resin-glue as necessary until the desired thickness of the nail is achieved. [not illustrated]

To lengthen a nail
This process is similar to the above (steps 1-7). The main difference is that the silk strip is sized and placed so that it overhangs the nail tip thereby increasing its effective length. Now coat with resin again and apply another layer of silk. Re-apply resin, let dry, buff, shape and polish. If necessary add more layers. Each layer should be smooth and shiny and fully cover previous ones.

To repair a broken nail
Carefull preparation is essential. Cut the silk to the desired size and continue as in section for to strengthen a weak nail. Now put an other piece of silk exactly the same shape as the broken or "missing" part but underneath the nail. Ensure that this does not overlap the nail but is glued only to its edge and to the back of the silk on the upper side of the nail. Treatment with Natural Repair Oil Massage a few drops of oil daily into the nail and the nail bed. This treatments promotes natural growth, keeps the nails healthy and flexible and protects from chemicals and breakages. [WARNING: For external use only]  

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